Mowats Carlines Products

Mowat's Carline offers a wide variety of hitches and racks no matter what type of vehicle you are driving or the year it is. Choosing the right hitch or rack for your specific vehicle is important not only for the safety of your travels but for the convenience and user friendliness the different hitches and racks offer. We offer several types of name brands for Hitches, Roof Racks, Bike or Ski Rack and more. Call us today and we can suggest the right hitch or rack for your vehicle or trailer.

Hitch & Racks

Mowat's Carlines offers trailer hitches from Curt and Hidden Hitch, and we carry one of the largest inventories of trailer hitches in the Vancouver area. We are also one of few local businesses that offer professional trailer hitch installations. To find a trailer hitch available for your vehicle, Email Us and our staff will contact you, or call us at 604-941-8647

Hitch & Rack Brands that we carry:

Trico Wipers
Wagner Pads

Additional Products we Offer:

Snowboard Carriers
Bike Carriers
Kayak Carriers
Canoe Carriers
Cargo Carriers
Roof Boxes
RV Braking Systems
Trailer Axles & Components

Call Now to speak to one of us or email us if you have any questions about a hitch or cargo rack!

Mufflers & Exhausts

From your exhaust manifold to the tailpipe and everything in between, Mowat's Carline knows mufflers & exhaust systems. When a muffler makes noises or is damaged it will leak fumes and will result in your car losing power and performance.

Muffler & Exhaust Products we offer:


Call Now to speak to one of us or email us if you have any questions about your muffler or exhaust system needs!